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Kaohsiung International Airport

The largest international airport in Kaohsiung metropolitanThe largest port in southern taiwanStrategic connecting pointAdvantages of City of business traveler6 million people in totalMajor entry to the globalA bridge between China and Taiwan with direct flightsAirport advertisingLight Box Primary media to establish the corporate image and brand awareness Luggage Trolley Be seen anywhere, everywhere. Business opportunity is right in front of ...
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PANDORA – The secret of mother's beauty

Each collection of Pandora is weaved and knitted idiosyncratically with individule's memories and stories. In Pandora’s mother’s day, mothers get to express their phenominal stories. Therefore, Pandora has chosen the prime location of luxury brand— Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station to campaign the “Mother’s Day Promotion." The highlight is the interactive LCD embedded in a sequence of extensive wall wraps. ...