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“Shake Taiwan” Mobile Platform

The only indoor location-based system, an interactive marketing strategy wins consumers’ heart!

The combination of mobile, LBS, O2O, 4G, IOT, and soft & hard techniques, integrates with the crucial application of mobile and entity to build up a more fun interaction for users in any open space.

  • Geofenced Area

    Considerable amount of traffic and certain behaviors and activities in public space.

  • Brands & Merchandiser

    Merchandisers who focus on the needs of the clients and their brand image, and provide products &s ervices.

  • APP

    APP developers who focus on improving the mobile user experiences and interactions.

  • Marketing Campaign

    To campaign in registered geofenced area with digital media that spreads messages fast.

  • Connecting users

    The platform connects space, users, and brands.

Steps to Become the Leading Merchendiser

Submit the information of registered space

Information includes the size/floors of the space, available open hours, schedule for setup, and etc..

Evaluation of the setup schedule and price

Our technician will schedule to purchase and set up the device

Setup the beacon (location-based deice)

Our technician will set up the beacon in the registered geofenced area

Landing page set up

Increase the “push” and the ad. revenue through the campaign sites.